Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Virginia Open Results

June 23 & 24, 2007

Danville, VA

This was another great tournament. Tommy and Angel battled it out all weekend for first place with Willie, an ever present threat, not too far behind. This duel went on for two days with the lead changing many times. When it was all said and done, Angel was the winner with Tommy in second place and Willie in third place. The outcome was by no means certain until the last cast was thrown.

Sportcast USA wishes to thank the following for their support and contributions to this tournament:

William Wall and Kathy Lane for organizing the event, obtaining sponsors, and providing coffee and donuts and a great lunch on Saturday.

The city of Danville VA for supporting for permitting us to use the field and facilities at Anglers Park.

J Gieselman and the Danville Department of Parks and Recreation for preparing the field to make it possible to us to conduct the tournament. at Angler Park.

Bill Bird of Bird’s Custom Fishing Service, 741 Poplar Ranch Road, Grandy NC 27929 (252) 453-0539 for providing a surf rod and reel and enough bags of tackle, sinkers, and lures for every contestant.

Edgewood Exxon on West Main Street, Danville for financial support.

Johns Tires Service in Danville for financial support.

Trophy Center in Danville VA for providing the award plaques.

Sign Shop in Danville VA for providing banners.

Harvey Ayers for monitoring the foot and bike traffic on the pathway.

Bob for providing fishing sinkers for prizes.

Edna and John for helping out with lunch on Saturday.

All of the members of Sportcast who helped set up the field.

Danville Register & Bee newspaper article.


Virginia Open
June 23 & 24, 2007
Daville VA
All distances are in feet.
Name Class State 2 Ounce 100 gram 125 gram 150 gram 175 gram Best Cast Comments
Angel Villalpando Masters VA 759.5 759.5 Winner - Virginia Open
Tommy Farmer Masters NC 755.5 755.5
Willie Longcaster AAA VA 729.5 729.5
John Snell AA NC 609.5 620.5 662.5 662.5
Ron Snell AA NC 562.5 629.5 593.5 629.5
Bill Halpin Sr AA NJ 584.0 584.0
Brian Cain AA NC 544.5 540.5 544.5
Mark Ganrude A VA 509.5 530.0 536.0 536.0
Frank Lloyd A NJ 526.0 490.5 526.0
Charlie Farmer A NC 513.0 513.0
Harvey Ayers A VA 491.5 490.5 491.5
J Gieselman B NC 334.5 334.5

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