Monday, July 23, 2007


Fisherman's Casting Tournament Results

We had a good turnout with sixteen men, four women, and five junior contestants. It was great to see so many women participants and so many fathers casting with their sons and grandfathers casting with their grandsons.

Alex Strassler

Mark Edwards Jr

Maalik Edwards

Dina Parenti

Nelson Philips and Nelson Philips III

Jean Moore

Chris Pancoast

Sharon Otto

Sportcast USA wants to thank the following sponsors for their support and generous donations of prizes. We were able to award a prize to every junior caster.


Backlash Sportfishing

I also want to personally thank Conn Leahy, Frank Lloyd, and Rod Smith for all their hard work with organizing and running this event and a special thanks to Bob Collapardi for cooking lunch and helping out in any he can and to all the people who helped out with setting up the court, taking the measurements, and doing demonstrations of the pendulum, OTG, Hatteras, and Unitek casts. Without your help these tournaments would not be possible.

The Winners are:

Gary Born in the men’s division with a score of 1,508.0 feet

Chris Pancoast in the women’s division with a score of 1031.3 feet

Alex Strassler (Gary’s Grandson) in the Junior’s division with a score of 881.2 feet

Full Results

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