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Mid Atlantic Tournament May 19-20th Crisfield MD Results

Results for the Sportcast USA Mid Atlantic Open – Mid Atlantic States Casting Championships

May 18, 19, 20, 2007

Crisfield MD


Backlash Sportfishing

One More Cast
"Hatteras Island"
P.O. Box 544
Avon, NC 27915

Member Contributions

Thanks to all the members and casters who helped set and take down the field. .A special thanks to Conn Leahy for doing the registration and helping out wherever he could and Bill Kennedy for offering his support and encouragement to the casters. Without your help these event would not be possible.

Regional and State Champions

Angel Villalpando – Men’s Mid Atlantic Champion
Angel Villalpando – Men’s Virginia State Champion
Bob Sales – Men’s Maryland State Champion
Bill Smith – Men’s Delaware State Champion

Candy Portaluppi – Women’s Virginia State Champion


Angel Villalpando – 175 gram Pendulum 734.7 feet


The weather was sunny and mild. The wind was across the court on Saturday 5 to 10 mph and down the court and swirling 5 to 10 mph on Sunday.


Full Results

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Mid Atlantic Tournament May 19-20th Crisfield MD

Only few days to the Mid Atlantic Tournament in Crisfield, MD. The tournament will be held at the Crisfield airport on Saturday May 19 and Sunday May 20. Practice day is Friday May 18. Casting starts around 9 A.M. . Bob Bott of Backlash Sportfishing Company is donating some spools of Sufix IGFA Key Lime line and some of their hand tied fishing rigs for prizes. The early weather forecast looks good. Rooms are available at Somers Cove Motel for $55.00 per night including tax. Call them at (410) 968-1900 and tell them you are going to the Sportcast Casting Tournament. Use Mapquest for directions to the motel and airport. The motel is located at 700 Norris Harbor Drive, Crisfield, MD 21817 and the airport is located at 4784 Jacksonville Rd Crisfield, MD 21817..There will be a sign on Jacksonville road at the entrance to the casting field. We don’t have provisions for food so bring you own lunch and beverages.

Good luck and good casting to all.

Bill Sr

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


SE Casting Tournament Results April 28/29

Results for the Sportcast USA SE Open - SE States Casting Championships

April 27, 28 & 29, 2007

Shalotte, NC

This was really a great tournament. We had a good turnout and the weather was good but not great and we had some good distances. Tommy Farmer gave another great seminar on Friday. Ron Snell from the Anyfish Anywhere (AFAW) was at the tournament all three days and he bought the entire line of Anywhere Anyfish rods for everyone to try out. We where like a bunch of kids in candy store trying out these rods and they are very impressive. Tommy made an 815 foot OTG cast with the AFAW Big Beach rod on Friday using a 150 gram weight. Everyone who “tried out” the AFAW rods really like them and many said that there were going to get one. You can purchase the AFAW rod from Tommy at Carolina Cast Pro. The barbeque lunch on Saturday that Wayne Hill provided free of charge was fantastic. Everyone ate so much that the casting in the afternoon was a little sluggish. We had quite a few new casters and one legionary caster from the eighties. Most notable of the new casters was Mike Basnitte who place in the Masters class and was banging out cast over 800 feet in practice on Friday. To my knowledge, this the first time a new caster placed in the Masters Class in their first tournament. Gary Born, who casted with greats like Rod Arra, John Holden, and Neil MacKellow in the eighties, is getting back into casting. Gary had some great storied about casting in the eighties and everyone was happy to meet him. All in all everyone had a good time and we are already looking forward to the next tournament in Crisfield on May 18, 19 & 20.


Anyfish Anywhere

Carolina Cast Pro

One More Cast
"Hatteras Island"
P.O. Box 544
Avon, NC 27915

Member Contributions

Tommy Farmer gave another great seminar, free to everyone who showed up on Friday. Thank you Tommy.

Wayne Hill made all the arrangements for the field, hotel, and sanitation and provided a delicious lunch to all the casters on Saturday. Thank you Wayne.

Emma Mitchell gave the Club two beautiful Sportcast USA flags which she hand sewed herself. Thank you Emma.

Thanks to all the members and casters who helped set and take down the field. .A special thanks to Wanda Pearce for doing the registration and John Pearce with helping out with everything, and Charlie and Candy Portaluppi for collection the equipment after the tournament. Without your help these event would not be possible.

Regional and State Champions

Tommy Farmer - South East Regional Champion
Tommy Farmer - North Carolina State Champion
Wayne Hill - South Carolina State Champion


Tommy Farmer – 100 gram Pendulum 709.8 feet
Tommy Farmer – 6 ounce Pendulum 797.0 feet
Tommy Farmer – 6 ounce OTG 705.2 feet

Anyfish Anywhere donated an 11 foot Estuary rod, rain jackets, rain trousers, rig wallets, velcro straps, and two very large cooking pots. One More Cast donated packs of clip down pulley rigs and Hatteras style fishfinder rigs. We also had a Zziplex rod form and an anonymous donor. The prizes were awarded by a random drawing there were enough prizes for almost all the casters. Sportcast USA wishes to thank Anyfish Anywhere, One More Cast, and the anonymous donor for their generosity.


The weather was great on Friday, practice day, with good wind and low barometric pressure. Everyone who practiced was getting good distances and Tommy has a personal best of 841.9 feet with a 150 gram weigh on a Zziplex FT. The weather on Saturday and Sunday (tournament days) was sunny and warm and the winds were changing from over the left shoulder in morning down the court in the afternoon for both days. The wind speed was between 0 and 8 mph with and an occasional gust to 15 the afternoon.


Click to view results. All distances are in feet.

. SE_Open_07_Results.prn

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