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Fishermans Casting Tournament Results

There was good participation by both experienced casters and seasoned fishermen. The variety of events sort of leveled the playing field between the tournament casters and fishermen. It was also great to see so many juniors participating. Adaptability to wind conditions, baits, and lures was the key to success.

I want to thank all of our sponsors for the support that they have given us in making this event a success.

Rich Allen from Rolling Tackle Box for providing a clip down pulley rig for every contestant, kits with a variety if rigs for prizes, and a Breakaway LDX rod for the winner of the “Small Bait” event.

Steve Adams from A.O.K. Tackle for providing the T-Hex lures for the Metal Lure event to every contestant.

Sufix Pro Staff Member Bob Bott and Sufix Fishing Line Company for providing spools of mono and their new braided line in 30, 40, and 50 pound test for prizes.

Frank Lloyd from Fishermen’s Cove Bait & Tackle Shop for providing a beautiful custom built Breakaway 11-9 surf rod.

Nick Meyer from Breakaway USA for traveling all the way from Texas to give casting demonstrations using the new Breakaway HDX surf rod and supplying Breakway fishing rigs as prizes .

I want to thank Bob Sales for his support and encouragement and the Tournament Committee, Rod Smith, Frank Lloyd, Bob Bott, and Conn Leahy, for all their hard work and dedication with making this tournament a success.

A special thanks to Bob Collepardi for all help with cooking for lunch, setting up courts, selling raffle tickets, and helping out anyway he can and to Greg Smith for helping out with setting up the courts on Friday and helping out in any way he could during the tournament.

Also thanks to Megan Smith and Shannon Sullivan for doing the registration and helping out with lunch and Charlie Portaluppi, Chris Storrs and Willie Longcaster who helped set up courts on Friday and all those who helped out with taking down the courts at the end of the day.

Last but not least I want to thank all the contestants for coming to the tournament on what was probably one of the hottest days that we have had so far this year.

This was a great tournament with a great bunch of people I am already looking forward to having another tournament like this one next year.

The winners are:

Conn Leahy in the Men's Class with an aggregate score of 1812.9 feet.

Brenda Myers in the Women's Class with an aggregate score of 620.0 feet.

Chris Storrs in the Junior's Class with an aggregate score of 1536.2 feet.

Listed below are the individuals and team distances. All distances are in feet.


Large Bait Event
Name Class Distance
Conn Leahy Men 447.6
Rod Smith Men 402.2
Willie Longcaster Men 360.7
Chris Storrs Junior 355.0
Gary Born Men 347.1
Greg Smith Junior 343.3
Kurt Renart Men 336.0
Bob Crelia Men 333.5
Bob Bott Men 332.4
Mark Edwards Men 320.5
Charlie Portaluppi Men 317.1
Joe McGowan Men 310.1
Bill Kepnart Men 300.0
Dave Loschiavo Men 267.0
Carlos Rudoi Men 262.6
Stan Wierzbcki Men 248.0
Brenda Myers Women 242.0
Jacob Renck Junior 225.5
Candy Portaluppi Women 203.1
Pat Young Men 199.8
Alex Strossier Junior 192.4
Lizzy Portaluppi Junior 132.4
Joe Helbe Men
Nick Myers Men

Small Bait Event
Name Class Distance
Gary Born Men 593.6
Nick Myers Men 591.2
Mark Edwards Men 574.2
Rod Smith Men 545.4
Conn Leahy Men 538.8
Joe Helbe Men 513.5
Charlie Portaluppi Men 513.2
Chris Storrs Junior 486.7
Kurt Renart Men 476.9
Willie Longcaster Men 474.6
Greg Smith Junior 439.7
Bill Kepnart Men 430.3
Bob Bott Men 419.0
Joe McGowan Men 412.0
Brenda Myers Women 378.0
Dave Loschiavo Men 340.2
Stan Wierzbcki Men 327.5
Bob Crelia Men 300.0
Alex Strossier Junior 286.5
Jacob Renck Junior 284.6
Pat Young Men 236.7
Lizzy Portaluppi Junior 193.0
Carlos Rudoi Men
Candy Portaluppi Women

Metal Lure Event
Name Class Distance
Willie Longcaster Men 370.8
Conn Leahy Men 363.5
Gary Born Men 353.6
Kurt Renart Men 341.4
Charlie Portaluppi Men 323.2
Bill Kepnart Men 319.3
Mark Edwards Men 313.9
Rod Smith Men 311.6
Bob Bott Men 289.2
Greg Smith Junior 265.4
Carlos Rudoi Men 261.6
Chris Storrs Junior 260.4
Joe McGowan Men 249.0
Stan Wierzbcki Men 243.1
Alex Strossier Junior 235.4
Dave Loschiavo Men 224.3
Bob Crelia Men 223.9
Jacob Renck Junior 134.0
Nick Myers Men
Joe Helbe Men
Brenda Myers Women
Pat Young Men
Lizzy Portaluppi Junior
Candy Portaluppi Women

Plug Event
Name Class Distance
Gary Born Men 481.5
Rod Smith Men 473.3
Conn Leahy Men 463.0
Joe Helbe Men 444.1
Chris Storrs Junior 434.1
Greg Smith Junior 379.8
Kurt Renart Men 372.9
Charlie Portaluppi Men 343.0
Joe McGowan Men 327.2
Dave Loschiavo Men 327.2
Alex Strossier Junior 280.7
Bob Crelia Men 278.3
Bill Kepnart Men 256.8
Bob Bott Men 251.8
Carlos Rudoi Men 246.0
Stan Wierzbcki Men 199.0
Willie Longcaster Men
Mark Edwards Men
Jacob Renck Junior
Nick Myers Men
Brenda Myers Women
Pat Young Men
Lizzy Portaluppi Junior
Candy Portaluppi Women

Four Event Aggregate
Name Class Distance
Conn Leahy Men 1812.9
Gary Born Men 1775.8
Rod Smith Men 1732.5
Chris Storrs Junior 1536.2
Kurt Renart Men 1527.2
Charlie Portaluppi Men 1496.5
Greg Smith Junior 1428.2
Bill Kepnart Men 1306.4
Joe McGowan Men 1298.3
Bob Bott Men 1292.4
Mark Edwards Men 1208.6
Willie Longcaster Men 1206.1
Dave Loschiavo Men 1158.7
Bob Crelia Men 1135.7
Stan Wierzbcki Men 1017.6
Alex Strossier Junior 995.0
Joe Helbe Men 957.6
Carlos Rudoi Men 770.2
Jacob Renck Junior 644.1
Brenda Myers Women 620.0
Nick Myers Men 591.2
Pat Young Men 436.5
Lizzy Portaluppi Junior 325.4
Candy Portaluppi Women 203.1


Surf Slingers
Name Class Distance
Conn Leahy Men 1812.9
Chris Storrs Junior 1436.2
Greg Smith Junior 1428.2
Joe Helbe Men 957.6
Jacob Renck Junior 644.1

Team Total 6279

Long Gone
Name Class Distance
Bob Bott Men 1292.4
Willie Longcaster Men 1206.1
Bob Crelia Men 1135.7
Pat Young Men 436.5
Lizzy Portaluppi Junior 325.4

Team Total 4396.1

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Fisherman's Casting tournament June 17th

Sportcast USA invites you to our Inaugural Fishermen's Casting Tournament on June 17, 2006.
It will be held in Evesham (Marlton) N.J.(detailed directions at the bottom of this page)

Registration begins at 8:00 AM


INDIVIDUAL CASTER ADULT: $10.00 this fee allows you to compete in the individual division in all events.

INDIVIDUAL CASTER YOUTH (under 17y.o.): $5.00 this fee allows you to compete in the individual division in all events.

TEAM COMPETITION: Registration for optional and separate team division will be $20.00 additional per team.


Organizers are planning on four events with each event having 3 casts. It is our prerogative to adjust this or any aspect of the competitions for logistical reasons, i.e., time constraints or weather

Large Bait and Weight - rig must conform to below qualifications.
2oz Metal - Use supplied AOK TACKLE “T-HEX”
Plug Casting- Wood or Plastic, caster's choice, NO HOOKS.
Small Bait and Weight - rig must conform to below qualifications.

Again, each of the above competitions are also team events competing for separate prize. Teams shall consist of 5 members and will incur an additional $20.00 registration fee. Teams must be registered by 9:00AM. Team scores will be tabulated by combining each member's longest cast in each competition. The scores for each competition will be combined again to determine the "all around score" for the team. This score will be used to award prize.


Monetary awards will be given out in the following divisions:

1st place 4 event total

1st place 4 event total

1st place 4 event total

1st place 4 event total
Rod and Reel combo







The rig used in the Small Bait and Large Bait competitions must conform to the following:

Dropper, Fishfinder and Clip-Down / Pulley rigs are permitted. The rig's main strand (swivel to sinker) must meet shockleader strength. The hook leader may be any lb. test but must be at least four inches long. Fishfinder rigs must have a minimum 4 inch hook leader.

Clipdown / pulley rigs are permitted, they must conform with the above 4 inch minimum leader qualification also.


From points south; take I-295 North, exit at 34A for Rt 70-E. Take RT 70-E for 3.1 miles to Marlton (Olga's Diner) Circle, follow directions below.

From points north; take I-295 South , exit at 38A for Rt 73-S. Take Rt 73-S for 3.5 miles to Marlton (Olga's Diner) Circle, follow directions below.

Rt 70 East for 2.25 miles to N. Elmwood Rd. -- make right,
N. Elmwood for 6/10ths mile to E. Main St / Tuckerton Rd -- make left
E. Main St / Tuckerton Rd for 9/10ths mile, look for large field on left, turn left on the dirt drive.

Actual address is; 1015 Tuckerton Road, Marlton, N.J.

Breakaway USA
AOK Tackle
Rolling Tackle Box

Food and beverages will be provided at additional cost.

For additional information:

:Fisherman’s Casting Tournament Web Page

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