Thursday, September 18, 2008


Sportcast National Championships 2008

While the battle for first place was decided early on by some big casts by Tommy Farmer in less than ideal conditions , two new comers to the nationals, Troy Roberts and Ron Snell had a an event long dual for second place. Back and forth the lead between them seesawed all day until the last round when Troy hit a mighty cast of 738'. Ron wacked one out to 725. Again considering the lack of wind and high humidity and record setting New Jersey temperatures , all three can be very proud of those achievements.
Don Becker set a new record too ,travelling approximately 8000 miles to the event and Jersey drivers let him and all our southern friends know how happy the were to have them visit our State park "The New Jersey Turnpike".
We saw the return of the infamous Brooklyn Bomber himself Fernando Rivera.
Our thoughts and prayers are with all our fellow casters in Texas , who battled Ike on Friday .Thankfully Big Lou and Jerry were safe .

Sportcast would also like to thank Fishsticks4U who donated a CTS rod , it was won by Bob Sales who kindly gave it to Bill Halpin Sr for all his behind the scenes work in organizing the tournament in New Jersey, special thanks to Bob Collepardi for his chef skills with lunch.

The following results were posted by club president Bob Sales.

Results 2008 SCUSA Nationals

Congratulations to Tommy Farmer the 2008 – 2009 National Champion
There were some great numbers put up this weekend Congratulations to everyone. Great casting.

100 gram Distance in feet
1 Ron Snell 689.5
2 Conn Leahy 674.0
3 Mark Genrude 533.5
4 Al Sergio 455.5

125 gram
1 Ron Snell 700.0
2 Earl Blake 683.0
3 Conn Leahy 671.5
4 Bob Sales 645.5
5 Rod Smith 640.5
6 John Snell 629.5
7 Don Becker 618.5
8 Mark Genrude 582.0
9 Jimmy Jacobs 557.0
10 Al Sergio 527.0
11 Brian Tarman 478.5
12 Fernando Rivera 436.0
Senior 125
1 Bill Smith 488.5 Senior Champion

1 Aidan Leahy 104.5 JR Champion

150 gram
1 Tommy Farmer 791.5 2008-2009 National Champion
2 Troy Roberts 738.0
3 Ron Snell 725.5
4 John Snell 691.5
5 Conn Leahy 657.5
6 Earl Blake 656.0
7 Brian Tarman 628.0
8 Steve Riley 574.0
9 Mark Genrude 554.0
10 Don Becker 549.5
11 Jimmy Jacobs 543.5
12 Fernando Rivera 477.5
13 Al Sergio 459.0

Senior 150
Bill Smith 411.5

175 gram
Tommy Farmer 749.5
Ron Snell 721
Al Sergio 404.5

We will be updating the SCUSA website. Send me any info on new National records or if you moved to higher distance club example from casting over 600ft to now over 700 ft. Give your name distance and tournament so we can verify.

Bob Sales
President SCUSA

The following video and photos are from Tommy Farmer and Fernando Rivera

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