Wednesday, March 12, 2008


SE Open Results Shollotte NC

Wow what an incredible tournament . Records broken , newcomers wacking the 700 mark and traditional southern hospitality. It doesn't get any better than that .

"Many thanks to everyone that helped with the field and measuring.
A special thanks to Tommy for donating the great prizes, to Tony Penderdrass for the ice, and to Wayne Hill [ our V.P. ] for the Porta p., furnishing sodas and even lunch for everyone on Sunday. You guys are a class act and we appreciate it. We sincerely thank the property owners for allowing us to use their beautiful farm.
Congratulation to all for a great tournament."
Bob S.

Here are some clips from Saturday and Sunday. i hope I got everyone.It was a terrific weekend!!A round from Sat. -
A round from Sunday -
A few that I missed on the first two clips...

S.E. Open Champions
100 GRAM men's Tommy Farmer 752 ft.
125 gram men's Tommy Farmer 775.5 ft.
150 gram men's Tommy Farmer 823.9 ft. National Record [confirmed ]
175 gram men's Rolland Johnson 727.5
Senior male Bill Bailey 601
Youth female Amanda Hill 413
Youth male J.T. Roeka 334

NAME Distance in feet
Tommy Farmer 752
Wayne Hill 651
John Snell 607
John Pearce 585.5
Frank Mitchell 540
Bill Starling 513
Amanda Hill 413
J.T. Roehrs 334

Tommy Farmer 775.5
Rolland Johnson 765
Ron Snell 717.5 OTG National record [ confirmed ]
Robert Hudak 692.5
Wayne Hill 654.5
John Snell 652
Frank Mitchell 616
Tony Pendergrass 615
Paul Anderson 611
Bill Bailey 601
John Pearce 589
Brandon Arnold 543
Bill Starling 534
Don Melcher 513
Charlie Farmer 506
Mark Genrude 503
Dan Cooney 435
Everett Melcher 301

Tommy Farmer 823.9 National Record [ confirmed ]
Rolland Johnson 754
Paul Anderson 704
Robert Hudak 676
John Snell 661
Frank Mitchell 589.5
John Pearce 540,5
Mark Genrude 534.5
Justin Stuart 445.5
Tommy Farmer 776 OTG National Record [ confirmed ]

Rolland Johnson 727.5
Tommy Farmer 724 OTG National Record [ confirmed ]
[Other records pending confirmation.]
Bob Sales had no cast recorded
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