Thursday, August 18, 2005


Sportcast Worlds Tournament in Crisfield Sept 23-25th

The Worlds are only 5 weeks away . We will be holding the Worlds in Crisfield , Maryland at the Crisfield airport .

Most casters stay at Summer Cove Hotel (now called Best Value Inn) but if that fills up there are a few others . Mention that you are a caster and get the 2 day discounted rate for Summers Cove .
1)Paddlewheel Motel701 W Main St, Crisfield, MD (0.26 miles away)410-968-2220

2)Pines Motel127 N Somerset Ave, Crisfield, MD (0.52 miles away)410-968-0900

3)Best Value Inn700 Norris Harbor Dr, Crisfield, MD (0.60 miles away)410-968-1900

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