Friday, June 24, 2005


Election Notice

To all current Sportcast USA members,

The term of office (one year) is over on December 31, 2005 for the current officers, Bob Sales (President), Charlie Farmer (Vice President), Bill Halpin Sr (Treasurer) and Conn Leahy (Secretary).
An election is required to either re-elect the current officers or elect new ones. The current Board of Directors are serving a two year term , so those positions are not up for election this year . All adult family members are eligible to nominate , vote and run for office .

The election procedure is as follows:

1. Nominations are due by July 31, 2005.
2. Voting Ballots will be sent out on August 1 and due back by August 31, 2005.
3. The ballots will be opened and the votes tallied and the results announced on September 24, 2005 at the Sportcast USA Worlds Tournament

Please email all nominations to

Sincerely yours,

Conn Leahy
Secretary, Sportcast USA

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