Tuesday, April 05, 2005


South East Open 2005 Results

New US Record established By Tommy Farmer in 125g
Rolland Johnson also surpassed his existing record in the 125g

Prizes were donated by Ryan White of Hatteras Jacks , Joe Moore of One More Cast ,Charlie Farmer and Conn Leahy . Drinks and prizes were supplied by Bob Sales . Bill Halpin Sr and Bill Smith for Beef Jerky prize and beer and wine for dinner . Tommy and Kim Farmer were our gracious hosts for a delicious dinner on Saturday and the considerable time spent on finding a casting field .
Tony Pendergrass for getting the delux Porta Johns with running water hand sinks .

Special thanks to all the casters who chipped in and helped set up , measure , break down . This really was a team effort that made everything run smoothly .

Thanks to Neal Lanier for use of his property and the town of Burgaw who welcomed us with a special proclamation read by the town Mayor .

South East 150g/ .31mm Event

April 2nd Saturday
Temp 65deg , Wind 15mph WSW - Direction changing to cross court at times , Humidity 90-30% . There was heavy rain until 12pm which delayed the start .

Name, Class, Distance
Larry Brooks M 763.8
Tommy Farmer M 762.2
Rolland Johnson M 754.7
Mike Langston M 740.4
Ryan White M 711.9
Tres Irby AAA 685
Bob Sales AAA 666.9
Wayne Hill AA 666.6
Ed Covington AA 666
Tom Ballard AA 640
Tony Pendergrass AAA 638.1
Ralph Barlatier AA 630.4
Bill Bailey AA 623
Jeff Taylor AA 613.9
Charlie Portaluppi AA 606.6
Bill Halpin Sr AA 565.6
John Pearce AA 526.4
Charlie Farmer AA 512
Dan Cooney A 504
Candy Portaluppi W 365.2
Amanda Hill J 324.9
Kim Farmer W 233.5
Virginia Irby SJ 166.3
Liz Portiluppi J 156

M-Master W-Womens J-Junior SJ- Sub Junior

Team Event 150 g

Name Team Distance ------------------------------Team Totals
Charlie Farmer OC 512 -------------------------------Old Codgers-- 2957.8 3rd
John Pearce OC 526.4
Bill Bailey OC 623
Ralph Barlatier OC 630.4
Ed Covington OC 666

Tony Pendergrass HO 638.1---------------------------Hatteras Outfitters-- 3508.2 1st
Wayne Hill HO 666.6
Tres Irby HO 685
Rolland Johnson Jr HO 754.7
Larry Brooks HO 763.8

Jeff Taylor CL 613.9----------------------------------Carolina Longcasters --3495.3 2nd
Bob Sales CL 666.9
Ryan White CL 711.9
Mike Langston CL 740.4
Tommy Farmer CL 762.2

South East 125g/.28mm Event

April 3rdApril 2nd Saturday
Temp 65deg , Wind 18mph W - , Humidity 33-22% ,

Name Class Distance
Tommy Farmer M 839.25 ----------New US National Record
Rolland Johnson Jr M 804.8 --------Beat Existing Nationl Record
Mike Langston M 799.9
Larry Brooks M 771.6
Ryan White M 754.8
Tres Irby AAA 711.1
Wayne Hill AA 688.5
Bob Sales AAA 672.5
Ed Covington AA 661.4
Tony Pendergrass AAA 661.4
Tom Ballard AA 649.9
Jeff Taylor AA 641.2
Ralph Barlatier AA 634.9
Charlie Portaluppi AA 631.6
John Pearce AA 625
Bill Halpin Sr AA 622
Dan Cooney A 585.8
Bill Bailey AA 576.8
Charlie Farmer AA 500.7
Amanda Hill J 376.4
Candy Portaluppi W 357.7
Kim Farmer W 289.5
Virginia Irby SJ 240.2
Liz Portiluppi J 120.6

Team Event 125g

Name Team Distance

Name Team Distance -----------------------Team Totals
Tommy Farmer cl 843.3
Mike Langston cl 799.9
Ryan White cl 754.8
Bob Sales cl 672.5
Tom Ballard cl 649.9 -------------------- Carolina Longcasters 3720.4--1st

Rolland Johnson Jr ho 804.8
Larry Brooks ho 771.6
Tres Irby ho 711.1
Wayne Hill ho 688.5
Tony Pendergrass ho 661.4 --------------Hatteras Outfitters-- 3637.4-2nd

Ed Covington oc 661.4
Jeff Taylor oc 641.2
Ralph Barlatier oc 634.9
Bill Bailey oc 576.8
Charlie Farmer oc 500.7 ----------------------Old Codgers-- 3015--3rd

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