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The Sportcast USA SOUTH East Regional Casting Tournament will be held Saturday May 18th, 2013 at the Kenilworth Athletic Field , Washington DC. Casting will start at 9:00AM.



The athletic field is located adjacent to the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens .

Directions to the Gardens are as follows as there is no street address for the atlectic field .

Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens ( visitor center facilities ) is in northeast Washington, D.C., just south of the Route 50, Baltimore-Washington Parkway, Kenilworth Avenue intersection. The entrance to the Aquatic Gardens is at 1550 Anacostia Avenue, NE, Washington, DC 20019. The park is open daily from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. except Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year.

The entrance to Kenilworth Athletic Fields (active recreation area) is located at the westernmost end of Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue, N.E. It is approximately 0.5 mile south of the Aquatic Gardens entrance. There are no facilities at the site.

Coming by auto: Take Route 295 southbound if you are coming from north of Route 50 or Route 50, to the Eastern Avenue Exit. Go straight up the ramp to the second street on the right, Douglas Street. Make a right onto Douglas Street. At the end of Douglas Street, make another right onto Anacostia Avenue to get toKenilworth Aquatic Gardens. Go left to get to Kenilworth Recreation Park.

If you are coming from south of Route 50, take Route 295 north to the Burroughs Street Exit. At the bottom of the ramp go left. Go straight to Kenilworth Recreation Park. To get to Aquatic Gardens, go to the right of the athletic field entrance to follow Lee Street to 40th around a curve to Anacostia Avenue. Pass a hand ball court and wooded area to the gardens. An alternate to the Aquatic Gardens is to continue north on Route 295 to the Eastern Avenue Exit. Make a U turn to the left at the light at the top of the ramp and go down two streets to Douglas Street. Make a right on Douglas. At the end of Douglas make a right on Anacostia and continue a block and a half to the park on the left.

Map Location

Monday, April 13, 2009


New Rules

New rules have been put into effect for 2009 . Please check them over and familiarize yourself with them.

New Rules-2009


NE Open Results

NE Open Results

April 4 & 5, 2009

Marlton NJ
Who'd a thunk it ... Brooklyn makes a big splash on the US casting scene. With the arrival of the Brooklyn Bombers , New York adds it it name to another location with some big hitters. Big Sportscast welcome to Troy, Kenny, Steve, Billy, Chris and Fernando.

Thanks to Kwesi Walker for donating four mag kits. One kit went to the contestant with the longest cast and we had a drawing for the remaining three. The winners of the drawing were Fernando Riverea, William Wall, and Rolland Johnson. PM or Email me with your address and will mail you your kit.

Congratulations to Tommy Farmer for winning the event with the longest cast and breaking the record for the 150 gram weight with a cast of 831 feet.

Congratulations to Rich Hendenberg for setting a new record with a cast of 691 feet with the 125 gram weight with an OTG cast on a spinning reel.

Also, congratulations to Troy Roberts who made a cast of 827 feet with the 150 gram weight and this is only his third tournament.

Thanks to all the contestants for a great weekend of casting and sportsmanship and a special thanks to everyone who helped with setting up the court, measuring the distances, and serving lunch on Saturday.

Name 100 125 150 175 Best Cast Comments
Tommy Farmer 831.0 784.0 831.0 New Record For 150 gram
Troy Roberts 827.0 827.0 Third Tournament - WOW
Angel Villapando 756.0 761.0 761.0
Rolland Johnson 744.5 738.0 744.5
Earl Blake 683.5 722.5 714.0 722.5
Kenny Dhanow 715.0 715.0 First Tournament
Steve Riley 710.5 710.5 First Tournament
William Wall 678.5 707.0 707.0
Bill Kennedy 676.0 648.0 697.0 697.0 Back From Retirement
Rich Hendenberg 691.0 691.0 First Tournament - 125 gram OTG Spinning Record
Conn Leahy 687.5 635.0 687.5
Rod Smith 655.0 647.5 655.0
Fernando Rivera 586.5 647.5 647.5
Bill Halpin Sr 573.0 573.0 Back From Retirement
Mark Ganrude 564.0 565.0 533.0 565.0
Billy Lopez 561.5 561.5 First Tournament
Frank Lloyd 556.0 556.0
Jimmy Jacob 553.5 550.5 520.0 553.5
Bill Smith 477.0 477.0
Kwesi Walker 453.5 453.5 First Tournament
Chris Ginocchio 447.5 447.5 First Tournament
Kurt Renart No Cast Recorded

Full Results


SE Open Results

S.E. Open Results

Name 100 125 150 175

Brittany Booker nm 401.5 nm nm
Everet Melcher nm 430.0 nm nm
J.T. Roehrs nm nm nm 488.0
Bill Starling nm 524.0 nm nm
Mark Ganrude 532.5 561.5 560.0 533.5
Don Melcher nm 370.5* 561.0nm
John Pearce nm 580.0 542.5 nm
Frank Mitchell 578.5 580.5 nm nm
Bill Bailey nm 603.0 nm nm
Sidney Lowe 603.5 612.0 606.5 nm
Brian Cain nm 624.0 572.5 nm
Brain Tarman nm 602.0 586.5 nm
Wayne Hill nm 654.0 634.5 nm
Ryan White nm 658.0 nm nm
Tony Pendergrass nm 638.0 620.5 nm
John Snell nm 696.0 644.5 nm
Willie Wall nm 710.0 696.0 nm
Ron Snell nm 725.5 719.0 nm
Robert Hudak nm 752.0 nm nm
Tommy Farmer nm nm 827.0 (New USA 150 g record)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


2009 Tournament Schedule

March 27-28 SE Open Shalotte NC
April 4-5 NE Open Marlton NJ
May 16 - 17 East coast Open Tournament Charlotte NC
May 30-31 US Open Virginia Beach VA
June 13-14 Lewes DE.
OCT 3-4 National Championship Tournament Shalotte NC
Anyone wanting Sportcast to host a tournament in their area should contact me for open dates and available fields. Email me at salesobx@aol.com

SFCCI Tournaments
April 18 – 19 Spring Fling Kingsville Texas
June 20 Casting tournament Kingsville Texas
OCT 24 – 25 Texas Open Kingsville Texas
The Sportcast USA Jerry Valentine Open may be held in Crystal Beach Texas again this year depending on recovery from hurricane Ike. Tournament date and location will be posted. If field is not found in Crystal Beach area we will hold tournament combined with the OCT 24-25 SFCCI Tournament in Kingsville Texas.

Bob Sales

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Sportcast National Championships 2008

While the battle for first place was decided early on by some big casts by Tommy Farmer in less than ideal conditions , two new comers to the nationals, Troy Roberts and Ron Snell had a an event long dual for second place. Back and forth the lead between them seesawed all day until the last round when Troy hit a mighty cast of 738'. Ron wacked one out to 725. Again considering the lack of wind and high humidity and record setting New Jersey temperatures , all three can be very proud of those achievements.
Don Becker set a new record too ,travelling approximately 8000 miles to the event and Jersey drivers let him and all our southern friends know how happy the were to have them visit our State park "The New Jersey Turnpike".
We saw the return of the infamous Brooklyn Bomber himself Fernando Rivera.
Our thoughts and prayers are with all our fellow casters in Texas , who battled Ike on Friday .Thankfully Big Lou and Jerry were safe .

Sportcast would also like to thank Fishsticks4U who donated a CTS rod , it was won by Bob Sales who kindly gave it to Bill Halpin Sr for all his behind the scenes work in organizing the tournament in New Jersey, special thanks to Bob Collepardi for his chef skills with lunch.


The following results were posted by club president Bob Sales.

Results 2008 SCUSA Nationals

Congratulations to Tommy Farmer the 2008 – 2009 National Champion
There were some great numbers put up this weekend Congratulations to everyone. Great casting.

100 gram Distance in feet
1 Ron Snell 689.5
2 Conn Leahy 674.0
3 Mark Genrude 533.5
4 Al Sergio 455.5

125 gram
1 Ron Snell 700.0
2 Earl Blake 683.0
3 Conn Leahy 671.5
4 Bob Sales 645.5
5 Rod Smith 640.5
6 John Snell 629.5
7 Don Becker 618.5
8 Mark Genrude 582.0
9 Jimmy Jacobs 557.0
10 Al Sergio 527.0
11 Brian Tarman 478.5
12 Fernando Rivera 436.0
Senior 125
1 Bill Smith 488.5 Senior Champion

1 Aidan Leahy 104.5 JR Champion

150 gram
1 Tommy Farmer 791.5 2008-2009 National Champion
2 Troy Roberts 738.0
3 Ron Snell 725.5
4 John Snell 691.5
5 Conn Leahy 657.5
6 Earl Blake 656.0
7 Brian Tarman 628.0
8 Steve Riley 574.0
9 Mark Genrude 554.0
10 Don Becker 549.5
11 Jimmy Jacobs 543.5
12 Fernando Rivera 477.5
13 Al Sergio 459.0

Senior 150
Bill Smith 411.5

175 gram
Tommy Farmer 749.5
Ron Snell 721
Al Sergio 404.5

We will be updating the SCUSA website. Send me any info on new National records or if you moved to higher distance club example from casting over 600ft to now over 700 ft. Give your name distance and tournament so we can verify.

Bob Sales
President SCUSA

The following video and photos are from Tommy Farmer and Fernando Rivera




Wednesday, April 30, 2008


NE Casting Results Marlton NJ

April 26-27th 2008

All distances are in feet.

Aidan Leahy 6 yrs old 131.5
A Strassler 12 yrs old 125 - 358.0 / 100 - 319

100 gram
Tommy Farmer 781.0 National Record otg
Earl Blake 675.0
Charlie Portiluppi 603.0
Jimmy Jacobs 570.0
Al Sergio 319.0

125 gram .
Bob Sales 694.5
Earl Blake 686.0
Gary Born 662.0
Rod Smith 655.0 personal best
Lewis Paul 634.0
Conn Leahy 598.0
Ed Covinton 595.0
Jimmy Jacobs 540.0
Greg Smith 505.0
Bill Smith 435.5 83 yrs young
Al Sergio 380.8

150 gram
Tommy Farmer 826 National Distance Record & National otg Record
Earl Blake 692.0
Bob Sales 679.0
Gary Born 658.5
Ed Covinton 597.0
Conn Leahy 576.5
Bob Bott 535.0
Tony Roberts 461.5 first tournament
Al Sergio 426.0
Bill Smith 387.5

175 gram
Conn Leahy 591.0
Al Sergio 473.0

Over all N.E Open Tournament Champion Tommy Farmer 826.0 ft. [ S.E. Champion ]
6 yrs & under boys Aidan Leahy 131
Junior male A. Strassler 380
Youth male Greg Smith 505
Mens Senior Bill Smith 435

Congratulations to Tommy Farmer. All I can say is unbelievable. Great job !!!!!!!!!!
Welcome back to Jimmy Jacobs and Conn Leahy. Great to see you two are healing.

Some video from Tommy Farmer
"Here is a round from Saturday.




Texas Open Results Crystal Beach + Sportcast Kingsville

Crystal Beach Texas Open April 12th

I am posting the top 5 in each weight division. The full results will be posted on the Breakaway board and we will add a link to those results.

125 Gram
1st - Lou McEachearn 734.64
2nd - Jerry Valentine 725.66
3rd - Bob Sales 724.76 * OTG
4th - Curtis Brinkman 709.96
5th - Hector Hernandez 684.56
6th - Skipper Krueger 609.04
7th - Bruce Duncan 573.40 PB
8th - Dan Welch 550.84
9th - Ray Juarez 541.80
10th Rip Ripley 480.48
11th Bill Smith 467.06 : 81 years young also
12th Gary Kramer 340.30 PB
13th Anny Welch 294.76 PB

150 Gram
1st - Lou McEachearn 743.78
2nd - Jerry Valentine 707.94
3rd - Bob Sales 668.24
4th - Hector Hernadez 665.44
5th - Curtis Brinkman 659.60
6th - Dan Welch 579.44
7th - Skipper Krueger 552.42
8th - Bruce Duncan 546.10
9th - Ray Juarez 503.80
10 - Rip Ripley 421.10
11th Bill Smith 396.62
12th Gary Kramer 370.16
13th Anny Welch 264.12
14th Dennis Ivey 191.62

This was a great tournament. The compitition in the 125 event was close thruout the event. Congratulations to Big Lou and Jerry. They are truly 2 of the finest people I have ever met.
Jerry, Big Lou. The Tiki Club and the town of Crystal Beach were fantastic hosts and made everyone feel right at home. There were more spectators at this event that I have ever seen before and everyone one of them let us know how much they were enjoying the casting.
Thanks Crystal Beach and a special thanks to the Tiki club for furnishing and cutting the field, the great food and live music we enjoyed during lunch and in the evening.
Bob Sales
President SCUSA inc

Kingsville Results April 5th

Results for the SFCCI/SPORTCAST Casting Championships held at Kingsville Texas.
April 5th & 6th 2008

Saturday April 5th, 2008-Slight Crossing wind over left shoulder, a little humidity with wind decreasing after lunch time
Weight 150 Gram
Place Caster distance in feet:

1st Lou Mceachern - 730.24
2nd Bob Sales - 706.15
3rd Jerry Valentine - 705.37
4th Carlos Osuna - 613.68
5th Dalyn Vick - 598.39
6th Dan Welch - 597.83
7th Robert Bennett - 588.09
8th Bruce Duncan - 529.13
9th Rey Juarez - 524.49
10th Rudy Ramirez - 519.64
11th Jeremy Nuss - 504.89
12th Jeffery Walker - 490.34
13th William "Bill" Smith - 454.53
14th Gary Palmejar - 447.46
15th Jack E. Eidman - 438.00
16th Ripley Malcolm - 428.00

Sunday April 6th, 2008 ~ Conditions were bad to say the least. Weights would fall straight out of the sky. Very Light to non existant wind with HUMIDITY.
Weight 125 Gram
Place Caster Distance in feet:

1st Bob Sales ~ 677.55
2nd Lou Mceachern ~ 661.20
3rd Nick Meyers ~ 646.51
4th Dan Welch ~ 592.27
5th Carlos Osuna ~ 579.37
6th Skipper Kruger ~ 576.24
7th Dalyn Vick ~ 573.20
8th Ripley Malcolm ~ 438.51
9th William "Bill" Smith ~ 382.31
10th Gary Palmejar ~ 381.95

Womens Division:

1st Brenda Meyers ~ 370.47

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


SE Open Results Shollotte NC

Wow what an incredible tournament . Records broken , newcomers wacking the 700 mark and traditional southern hospitality. It doesn't get any better than that .

"Many thanks to everyone that helped with the field and measuring.
A special thanks to Tommy for donating the great prizes, to Tony Penderdrass for the ice, and to Wayne Hill [ our V.P. ] for the Porta p., furnishing sodas and even lunch for everyone on Sunday. You guys are a class act and we appreciate it. We sincerely thank the property owners for allowing us to use their beautiful farm.
Congratulation to all for a great tournament."
Bob S.

Here are some clips from Saturday and Sunday. i hope I got everyone.It was a terrific weekend!!A round from Sat. - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WzoqA2nyIr0
A round from Sunday - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwY1rNfh9cY
A few that I missed on the first two clips... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gklp9G6YqdU

S.E. Open Champions
100 GRAM men's Tommy Farmer 752 ft.
125 gram men's Tommy Farmer 775.5 ft.
150 gram men's Tommy Farmer 823.9 ft. National Record [confirmed ]
175 gram men's Rolland Johnson 727.5
Senior male Bill Bailey 601
Youth female Amanda Hill 413
Youth male J.T. Roeka 334

NAME Distance in feet
Tommy Farmer 752
Wayne Hill 651
John Snell 607
John Pearce 585.5
Frank Mitchell 540
Bill Starling 513
Amanda Hill 413
J.T. Roehrs 334

Tommy Farmer 775.5
Rolland Johnson 765
Ron Snell 717.5 OTG National record [ confirmed ]
Robert Hudak 692.5
Wayne Hill 654.5
John Snell 652
Frank Mitchell 616
Tony Pendergrass 615
Paul Anderson 611
Bill Bailey 601
John Pearce 589
Brandon Arnold 543
Bill Starling 534
Don Melcher 513
Charlie Farmer 506
Mark Genrude 503
Dan Cooney 435
Everett Melcher 301

Tommy Farmer 823.9 National Record [ confirmed ]
Rolland Johnson 754
Paul Anderson 704
Robert Hudak 676
John Snell 661
Frank Mitchell 589.5
John Pearce 540,5
Mark Genrude 534.5
Justin Stuart 445.5
Tommy Farmer 776 OTG National Record [ confirmed ]

Rolland Johnson 727.5
Tommy Farmer 724 OTG National Record [ confirmed ]
[Other records pending confirmation.]
Bob Sales had no cast recorded
Any question please email me at salesobx@aol.com

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


2008 Schedule

March 1 - 2 Southeast Open Shalotte NC 2007 awards will be handed out
April 12 Valentine S/C Open Crystal Beach TX
April 26 - 27 Northeast Open Marlton NJ 2007 awards will be handed out
May 24 - 25 US Open Berryville VA
Sept. 13 - 14 Nationals Marlton NJ

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